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Personal data policy

The Swedish national gambling helpline (Stödlinjen) staff have a duty of confidentiality. We cannot see which phone number you are calling from, and you do not have to tell us who you are when you contact us.

You and your privacy are very important to us, and we want you to feel safe when you provide us with personal data. You should be able to feel certain that we handle it correctly and securely and that we never process your personal data inappropriately.

Personal data is data relating to you that can identify you, such as name, telephone number, IP address or home address.

Personal data is processed when you:

  • Chat with us
  • Call us
  • Email us
  • Order printed information material

We collect and process your personal data to provide advice, support, and relevant information. When you chat with, email, or call us, your data is processed by the Swedish national gambling helpline (Stödlinjen) in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the lawful basis of public interest. During follow-up calls with the Swedish national gambling helpline we will, with your permission, make notes.

Personal information at

Cookies does not use cookies unless you choose to stop the collection of anonymous visitor statistics. A cookie is then saved so that the site is prevented from tracking how you use it.

When you chat with us, you will be redirected to a new page, provided by Aurora Teleq. That page uses session cookies that disappear when the browser is closed. The staff who administer that page are called personal data processors and are obliged to follow The Swedish national gambling helpline's (Stödlinjen) personal data policy and our instructions.

The personal data processors do not have the right to disclose any personal data or to process the personal data in any other way than those covered by the administration of our chat.

You can limit or turn off cookies in the settings of your browser. If you do so, will not remember that you have opted out of the collection of anonymous visitor statistics. Furthermore, the functionality of the chat may be affected.

Collection of anonymous visitor statistics uses the Matomo Analytics service to collect and analyze data about how you use our site.

Matomo processes the following personal data:

  • Anonymized IP address and an anonymized user ID.
  • Date and time, as well as local time in the user's time zone. Approximate location of the user (country, region, city).
  • Page title of each page visited, the URL of the page, and time on the page as well as the URL of the previously visited page and how long it took the device to load the visited page.
  • Information about the type of device, screen resolution, browser version, and other information contained in the browser's user-agent header.
  • Documents that are downloaded from the page and links to external pages that are clicked.

Matomo is installed on The Swedish national gambling helpline's own server, located in Sweden, where the data is also stored. If your browser is set to "do not track", we do not collect information about how you use the site.

Stop collection of anonymous visitor statistics

You can choose to deny this website permission to collect and analyze information about your actions here. By doing so, you will protect your privacy but also prevent the owner from learning from your actions to create a better experience for you and other users. Allowed anonymous visitor statistics to be collected.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to at any time, without reason, and at no cost:

  • Request what information is stored about you. To do this securely, we may ask you to verify your identity.
  • Request to have inaccurate and/or outdated personal data about you rectified.
  • Contact us at to request access to or the rectification of information.

The Swedish national gambling helpline's personal data processing

  • We do not collect more personal data than necessary to offer and improve our advice.
  • We do not process your personal data in ways other than those specified.
  • We do not store your personal data longer than necessary.
  • We do not distribute your information to unauthorized parties.

If you have other questions about the processing of your personal data, you can always contact us at

The personal data controller for the processing of your personal data is SLSO, Stockholm County Healthcare Services. If you have comments on the processing of your personal data, you can contact SLSO's data protection officer at If you are not satisfied with SLSO's answer, you can contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection with complaints about the Swedish national gambling helpline's processing of your personal data at or 08-657 61 00.

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Last updated: 12/18/2023

Published: 5/31/2023